Wakayama Co.,Ltd is a company of Electroplating and Painting.

Company Profile

We have been providing "surface treatment" for high class products such as eyeware and ornament since 1986 in Sabae-city. Sabae city has more than 100-years-history of eyeware making, and its share in Japan is more than 95 percents.

The goal of our surface treatment solution is to enhance the appeal of your product and add more value on it. Our creative colors have got endorsement from eyeware designers from all over the world, especially from Europian designers.

Our electroplating for precision parts such as digital camera parts, has good reputation from Japanese major companies.

In addition, our patented electroplating on titanium is used for next generation power battery and precision medical equipments.

When you make products in Japan, please feel free to contact us. We are sure to be a good partner of you.

  • Precious Metal Elect

    Precious Metal Elect

    Ruthenium (Ru),Rhodium (Rh)
  • Precious Metal Elect

    Spray Painting

  • Precious Metal Elect

    Black Nickel Electroplating

Basic Information

Company Name WAKAYAMA CO.,LTD.
Registered Address 43-6-1 Ishidashimo-cho, Sabae-city, Fukui-pref. Japan
Number of Employees 47 People
Our Service urface treatment (electroplating, electrodeposition, spray-painting) for exclusive products. Industrial plating, Functional plating, Spray painting, Transfer printing
Year Established 1986 April
Legal Representative/ Business Owner Takeshi Wakayama
Capital 10,000,000JPY

Company History

1986.4 Established Wakayama Plating Factory Co. Ltd.
1989.11 Started spray painting process for luxury products
2001.3 ISO9002 registration
2003.10 ISO9001 : 2000 (Quality) registration
2006.10 ISO14001 : 2004 (Environment) registration
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